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hello everyone.

I am new to this community.

I recently picked up the special edition copy of the texas chainsaw massacre. It included a documentary about the life and legacy of Ed Gein. It was very interesting and i learned a lot of things about him. I am looking to find more information about him in the future.

As many of you already know, he was provoked by his mother. She wouldn't let him do shit or see girls or do anything fun all that good stuff. So he eventually saw her as like a godly figure, the only person in his life...until she died. Of course he tries to bring her back to life, byt robbing corpses from the graves. I found out he would read obituaries and on the night of the burial he would dig the body up when the soil was fresh.

I found his murders rather particular, the murder of Bernice Worden.

...some people are sick.

...that's why i love ed gein
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