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This is a community for discussion of serial killers, especially Ed Gein. There are not any communities that revolve around Ed Gein so I thought this would be a good chance to share thoughts on the matter. Feel free to post whatever you wish, no harsh rules or anything. Post what you know, pictures, etc.

Everyone has probably heard a story relating to Ed Gein even if they don't realize it. There have been quite a few popular movies that have characters based on him. The movies that I know about are Silence of the Lambs, Psycho, & of course, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Ed Geins story has almost become something of mythic proportions. What is it about Ed Gein that scares us to our core? Is it the murders that he committed or his obession with the already dead that make him hard to get out of our minds? Most of us have a hard time even imagining someone digging up the dead and wearing the skin of a corpse. Yet.. we know that it was all too real and Ed Gein appeared to be a seemingly normal guy to most of his neighbors.

The age old quetion of nature vs. nurture comes into play here. Did his mental illness result from his biology or was it nurtured by his relationship with his mother? Most people that know about Gein know that he had a very love/hate relationship with his mother. Freud would have a field-day with this one. Ed believed that his mother was wonderful and good and at the same time resented her. She was a very controling woman who abused him. She often harshly warned him about woman and sex and thus contributed to his ambivilant feelings toward woman and sexuality. After the death of his mother.. the massacre really began.